We offer Hard Chrome Plating, Grinding,
Super Finishing and Roll Manufacturing


Biggest grinding
Cylindrical Grinding
Cylindrical grinding gives good finish and excellent accuracy and it is usually a standard requirement for high accuracy parts.

We offer precision grinding services with the following geometric tolerances
Concentricity (run out): Within 5 microns
Parallelism: Within 5 microns

We can grind cylindrical rolls of dimensions up to 835x5000 mm and weight up to 5000 kg

We grind rolls, pistons, spindles and shafts for several applications in the following industries


  • Sheet plant rolls
  • Film plant rolls
  • Chill rolls
  • PP non woven rolls

Lamination and Paper

  • Impregnating rolls
  • Calendar rolls
  • Doctor rolls


  • Calendar rolls


  • Current conducting rollers
  • Squeeze rolls

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