We offer Hard Chrome Plating, Grinding,
Super Finishing and Roll Manufacturing


“We have been doing business with Anand Electroplaters since 1993. They have delivered high quality hard chrome plating on our various dies because of their extensive experience and deep technical knowledge. They have met tough deadlines for us and provided exceptional service. We highly recommend Anand Electroplaters because of the quality and service that they provide."

“We are getting our product "CYLINDER LINERS' chrome plated as per OEM standard from 'ANAND ELECTROPLATERS' since year 2007. We are very satisfied with their dedication, sincerity & professional approach they have shown in their work and service.

We are also impressed with technical know how & capability of their team.

They have all required infrastructure for hard chrome plating.

We wish 'ANAND ELECTROPLATERS' all the best in their future endeveours.”

“For us Anand Electroplaters is a one stop solution for chrome rolls of our extrusion lines whether it is complete manufacturing or services like grinding, plating and super finishing. We have been associated with them since 1989. They consistently meet our standards of quality and go out of their way to meet our tight schedules. Everyone at the company is willing to help and work closely with us on scheduling, processes and solving any issues that come up. We at Rajoo, wish to express our satisfaction and appreciation. Please keep up the good work.”

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